Robocoaster - the headliner for FECs

How do you boost your visitor numbers? With an attraction that is suitable for kids, teenagers and adults alike and which offers loads of varied fun. The Robocoaster is an ideal principal attraction for small parks, family enterntainment centers (FEC) and science centers with small to mid-range visitor rates.

The single Robocoaster can be installed either in an indoor or outdoor setting. Per hour the standard Robocoaster with a 2-seat gondola offers rides of unlimited fun for around 60 passengers. In the event of great demand, the operator can instantly shorten the ride time, thereby increasing the hourly capacity.

One third of the existing Robocoasters can be found in FECs. Many science centers have also gained a real eye-catcher with the Robocoaster. In shopping malls, too, they serve as attractive crowd-pullers – for example in Dubai. We have reference customers around the globe.

And when is your FEC getting a Robocoaster? Talk to us about your ideas for an attractive Robocoaster ride.

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