Discover the fourth dimension

Three dimensions are good, four are better. Because the more realistic a simulation is, the greater the enthusiasm with which it is met. The 4D Simulator brings a breath of fresh air to product or company presentations, as well as in the world of entertainment. And that is quite literally true. The fourth dimension involved here stimulates a sensory organ other than our eyes, ears and nose, with which we nonetheless perceive our surroundings extremely intensively – the skin. With our skin, we feel the wind which blows into our faces when we travel at high speeds. The 4D Simulator means 3D motion plus wind as the fourth dimension experienced. This head wind effect makes the experience of simulations such as Formula 1 duels, speed boat racing, motorbike racing, skiing contests and innovative product presentations even more intense.

The appeal of the 2-seat simulator is heightened by the attractive futuristic design. Beneath the spherical carbon-fiber hood lies a range of equipment that offers all the possibilities of a modern simulator. The stereo loudspeakers pump out a powerful sound, a 20-inch flat screen guarantees vivid visual input, and the fan provides a stream of cool air for the head wind. Furthermore, the hood design also means that it is not necessary to darken the installation site.

Here too, safety has top priority. The TÜV-certified 4D Simulator is equipped with safety devices such as smoke alarm, temperature monitoring, camera and microphone. The operator can therefore keep a watchful eye on his passengers at all times. In the event of an emergency, the hood can be removed in an instant.

Since December 2007, the 4D Simulator has been enthralling new passengers every day in the French ski resort Les2Alpes. And how about you? The high-tech hood is available as a retrofit package for existing Robocoasters and new KUKA Coasters.

At an altitude of over 2000 meters, with a splendid mountain panorama – the ideal setting for a 4D simulator on the theme of avalanches.
Simulator Hood
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