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As a robotics pioneer, the KUKA Robot Group is one of the leading suppliers of industrial robotics. KUKA today offers a uniquely wide range of industrial robots and robot systems, to which the Robocoaster also belongs. The Robocoaster operates with a service-proven PC-based control platform. This PC-based robot controller (KR C) means that you benefit from all the advantages of PC technology, such as remote diagnosis, Microsoft Windows interface, field bus, Soft PLC, OPC Server and much more.

Prime venues for use of the Robocoaster include theme parks, science centers, shopping malls, family entertainment centers (FEC), amusement parks and leisure parks.

KUKA's Robocoaster product portfolio is characterized by an integrated system philosophy, top safety and reliability, a uniform look and feel, common operator control devices, and consistent maintenance and upgrade concepts. Furthermore, our international network of qualified system partners and system builders guarantees a Robocoaster solution that is exactly tailored to your requirements. We offer practical assistance in the implementation of your Robocoaster projects. Contact us.


Pleased to meet you, my name is Robocoaster

The Robocoaster delivers what its name promises. The thrill and rush of adrenaline, familiar from roller coasters and other conventional amusement rides, is heightened still further by its flexible motion sequences. Every second of the ride, the passengers never know the next surprise the Robocoaster has in store for them. A sharp left turn, hanging upside down, gentle swinging, or rocketing to the skies. Passengers who like a softer ride can choose a program with gentle motions and no rollovers. Hardier types, on the other hand, can opt for the extreme Thrill Ride.

Surrounded by an appropriately themed setting and reinforced by breathtaking sound and light effects, the Robocoaster is the new crowd-puller in theme parks, family entertainment centers (FEC) and large amusement parks. All around the world, numerous Robocoaster attractions are thrilling their passengers day by day.

For all the dynamic motion and coaster fun, it is reassuring to know that the Robocoaster is the first robot licenced to carry passengers, being certified by the German technical inspectorate TÜV as conforming to 13814 (DIN 4112). Its structural components and gear units are 100% certified. Even the smallest of defects are detected immediately. Mechanical stops and continuous electronic monitoring provide added safety. Customized color schemes in any RAL colors and an optional chrome finish allow the Robocoaster to blend in with any theme.



The fun ride solution for small parks, family enterntainment centers (FEC) and science centers. more


The indoor or outdoor attraction for larger parks. more


Three dimensions are good, four are better. Because the more realistic a simulation is, the greater the enthusiasm with which it is met. more


Take a look at spectacular Robocoaster concepts. more
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