Can the fun be increased?

Is there an amusement ride that is an unforgettable experience for adults, teenagers and kids alike? Safe and full of surprises? Of course there is! Its name is Robocoaster and it offers an unforgettable ride on the world's first passenger-carrying robot. The novel kinematic system with six rotational axes (6 DOF) is a thrilling experience even for hardened roller coaster riders. Because the passengers never know what surprises the Robocoaster has in store for them at the next moment.

It's no wonder, then, that the Robocoaster is a real crowd-puller: in theme parks, family entertainment centers (FEC), large amusement and leisure parks and many other places where an innovative amusement ride has the public queuing up for more.
One thing you can be sure of is that the Robocoaster is safe. This is guaranteed by certification in accordance with EN 13814 (DIN 4112) by the German technical inspectorate TÜV. And reliability is also assured – thanks to the KUKA industrial robot technology which underpins it.

The Robocoaster is flexible in every way. On the one hand, due to state-of-the-art technology, which enables service providers to program customized ride profiles offline on any PC. And on the other hand, due to standardized interfaces such as Ethernet and field buses, which simplify integration into attractive thematic settings and open up lucrative additional business opportunities.

But these are just a few examples of what the Robocoaster can do. Why not browse through the other web pages here and discover the enormous potential that the Robocoaster has to offer – for passengers, operators and investors.

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Robocoaster is part of the KUKA robot familyAs a robotics pioneer, the KUKA Robot Group is one of the leading suppliers of industrial robotics. KUKA today offers a uniquely wide range of industrial robots and robot systems, to which the Robocoaster also belongs. The Robocoaster operates with a service-proven PC-based control platform. This PC-based robot controller (KR C) means that you benefit from all the advantages of PC technology, such as remote diagnosis, Microsoft Windows interface, field bus, Soft PLC, OPC Server and much more. Prime venues for use of the Robocoaster include theme parks, science centers, shopping malls, family entertainment centers (FEC), amusement parks and leisure parks.KUKA's Robocoaster product portfolio is characterized by an integrated system philosophy, top safety and reliability, a uniform look and feel, common operator control devices, and consistent maintenance and upgrade concepts. Furthermore, our international network of qualified system partners and system builders guarantees a Robocoaster solution that is exactly tailored to your requirements. We offer practical assistance in the implementation of your Robocoaster projects. Contact us.
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TÜV technical inspectorate / quality
Service-proven industrial robot quality and stringent testing and certification procedures in accordance with EN 13814 (DIN 4112), performed by the German technical inspectorate TÜV Süd, guarantee utmost quality and reliability. ...more
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